Dewey Fred "Jack" Gray

As told by his daughter, Gina Gray Smith

Jack Gray

Daddy didn't talk much about his time in the military so my knowledge is very limited. Here are the few things that I do know.

Rather than being drafted, my father joined the Army before WWII; he left Huntsville with a group from Florence, AL.

He left Rison School for basic training but then returned to Rison to graduate with the Class of 1940-1941 before being assigned to his first duty station in the medical detachment of the Army Corps of Engineers in Kodiak, Alaska.

He and my mother (Annace Dunham) married in 1944, and immediately thereafter he was sent to Paris, France. The war ended while he was still in Paris, but he stayed there until early 1946 at which time he was discharged from the Army and returned home. Daddy remained in Huntsville for the rest of his life. He died May 3, 1987.