My Memories of Teaching at Rison School, from 1948-1950, by Roscoe Duncan

Each day after school I would catch the bus to go into town. On rainy days I would wait at school until I could see the bus and when I could see it I would run toward the bus stop. This one afternoon it was pouring down rain. I had an umbrella but, as I was running to the bus stop, the umbrella just blew inside out over my head; I threw the thing down and ran to the bus stop!

I remember Miss Monroe’s concern about germs. If one of her students was coughing, she would throw open the windows and “invite” that person to leave the room.

Prior to my arrival at Rison, Mrs. Steger directed school plays and operettas. Since I had play production in college, I was tasked to direct the play, “The Campbell’s are Coming,” and one operetta – the title of which I can’t recall. As director of these performances, it was also my responsibility to supervise the selling of ads for the performance programs – ‘not an easy job.

I was asked to plan and direct a faculty fashion show, and it was great fun. I was able to obtain some wigs and evening gowns from Joe Ashworth at the Dixie Shop Ladies Ready-to-Wear. I do recall that one of the participants in the show was Coach Fred Knight but I don’t recall what he wore. I wore a blue evening gown; I don’t remember what color wig I wore but it was probably red because I liked red hair!

Roscoe Duncan's HouseEditor’s note: Mr. Duncan provided this pencil sketch of his home that was built in 1929.