I remember living in the village and going to Rison School. Lots of good people lived there and we had some good times.

I was a little girl and lived on McKinley Avenue with my parents and grandmother.

They all worked in the mill and my Dad was a good basketball player for Hub Myhand. His name was Newt McGinness and a lot of the McGinnesses lived in the village.

We played ball in the streets and hopscotch and played jump rope and marbles. My sister and I played with the Neal kids and Grays and the Fishers and also the McGinnesses and Harbins.

We walked to school and came home for lunch and when it snowed we laid down in the snow and made angels.

After my Dad got killed, we moved on Halsey Avenue with my mother's parents. We lived next to the Lunas and the Seatons and everyone was friendly.

One of my favorite teachers was Ruby Smithey; she taught the fourth grade.

We went to church at the Fifth Street Baptist and at Christmastime they always gave the little ones bags of fruit and had Christmas programs.

There were lots of grocery stores in our neighborhood: there was the Union Store, Mr. Claude Barnes' Store, and Mr. Green's Store. We could get penny candy and ice cream cones.

The Dallas Village will always be home to me.