"Living in our Dallas Community"

When I was a child I remember what a good life it was just living in our Dallas community. The people all worked hard and were all honest and friendly. For instance on Sunday you either went to a baseball game at the park or you just walked around the village. Our family enjoyed sitting on the front porch and talking with the people as they walked by usually they would stop, sit down and visit. It was an absolute joy to experience those days.

There was so much trust in our village! I remember our iceman Mr.Gordon Allison gave me a job helping him deliver ice and the most amazing thing was the honesty of the people. Each house had a request card that they hung in the door that had the numbers 10-25-50-100- on it, the number that was turned to the top indicated how much ice that house wanted. You would carry the ice into the house, go to the icebox, place ice inside and get money from top of box. Usually no one would be at home. Insurance payments to your agent were handled the same way with an identified area for money.

Another example of honesty, is that no one locked their doors when leaving home; if you did you were hiding something or we kids thought so.

I was employed by the US Postal service in Huntsville. One morning while working, Mr. Collier the Postmaster came in and I asked him why he had so many people working there from the mill villages. His response "THEY ARE HONEST AND THEY WILL WORK."