Rison-Dallas Association, Inc.

Rison-Dallas Association Legal Documents

Rison School Sketch, Joyce Gay, 1978

In 2006, two legal documents were created and approved and became Rison-Dallas Association official records; over time, other legal documents may also be added.

Because the Association has no designated place in which to store these records, it seemed logical to "store" them on this website. We are truly indebted to our legal expert, Douglas Martinson, Sr., who so freely gives of his time and who agreed that it would be advisable to put these documents on our website for safekeeping. To preserve privacy, the addresses of the Incorporators and that of the Registered Office and Agent have been deleted.

Certificate of Incorporation of Rison-Dallas Association, Inc.
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Rison-Dallas Association Employer Identification Number
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(Since this association is a not-for-profit corporation, you may list R-DA EIN# 51-0584274 on your check when you donate so that you will be able to get credit for the donation on your income tax return.)

Rison-Dallas Association, Inc.