*From The Last Roll Call by Bill Easterling:

Bill EasterlingA high wire fence circled the grounds, vines clung to the fence and fine oak trees offered shade on a warm spring day. The building sparkled like a jewel; bright red brick base, pale green stucco body, dark green shingled top.

Young happy voices and older ones made a circus of sound from August to May, and in summer the place rested and waited for the next school year.

……..Now they’re going to tear the old school down for a concrete ribbon of highway without heart and soul, without blood and guts, without memories.

I looked inside the shambles that once was Rison School and heard familiar voices the other day. I strained to hear, and through the cobwebs and the dust, I recognized who it was. It was Hanvey and Esslinger and Monroe doing roll call once again.

And they called my name.

*Used by permission