From Doyle Ealy (The following is an excerpt from The Huntsville Times August 3, 1985, Special Edition in Honor of Mr. Cecil Fain):

Football Letter!

The football and basketball teams of Rison School spelled doom to the other schools of Madison County.

One of the trios of girls on Mr. Cecil Fainís basketball teams were so good, they coined this little tune:

"You can stop the ocean, you can stop the sea, but you canít stop Lockmiller, Denton, and Lee!"

And you know something? They were good. The baseball and basketball teams of the Dallas independent teams were some of the very best in Alabama, and some of those old stalwarts are still around here.

Bill Edgemon always ran at halfback with his tongue out, until one day in practice he bit the whole end off except for a little bit of skin. Of course the doctor sewed it back on and he recovered in due time, but Alma had to do without sugar for a while.

Harley Hope cussed too loud one day and Couch Richardson heard him and told him to "hit the fence" (running around the park). One bad thing was, Coach forgot about him until "the moon came up," and when he got back to the park from the "Y," Olí Harley was still running.

We played Athens High School one night and their whole team was from the local C.C. Camp (Big Olí Boys) and every time they got the ball the lights would go out. Needless to say, they beat us 25 to 0, and I still hurt from that one.

They used to give us an "R" with a football in it, if we played enough during the year. Now, 40 years later, I still have that "R" and am awfully proud of it.

Oh, those good old days. Do you remember them?