The Three "Paps" Vegetable and Fruit Stand
Owned and Operated By Earl (Pappy) Schrimsher
And sons Ronnie and Bobby

By Curtis Lovvorn

Curtis Lovvorn 1950 - 51

Growing up in the Mill Village leaves us with many good memories.

Here are some of my best from fifty-five years ago.

At the corner of Meridian Street and Oakwood Avenue was a vegetable and fruit stand named, "The Three Paps." Many people knew Mr. Earl Schrimsher as "Pappy." With the business being located near Lincoln Mill Village some of us Lincoln boys got acquainted with the Schrimshers and we became very good friends and found ourselves helping "Mind the Business." Ronnie, Bobby and a couple more of us boys would take care of the business when Pappy went out to bring in more fruits and vegetables. Occasionally, and accidentally on purpose, one of us boys would drop a watermelon and then the feast was on. That is until Pappy came driving up, then the feast was off and the innocent looks were on.

Sometimes when Pappy wasn't around, Ronnie and Bobby might have a brotherly love feud. If Pappy came driving in and heard the quarrel just by looking at his boys, he spoke no words and brought a calm. Pappy would drive in with a two-ton truck heaped with watermelons. Then Ronnie or Bobby would drive the truck with a couple of us boys sitting on the fenders hollering "Watermelons!" We were called peddlers. I'm sure some of our business came from a few houses down or from the next street over. Because the sound of our voices and the honking of the horn bounced off the houses and rattled the message to the people.

We were young boys with big time attitude, having fun and helping Mr. Schrimsher (Pappy). Good memories and good watermelons from fifty-five years ago. Prices were 25 cents to $1.00.