Memories of Dallas by a “City Boy"
By Crawford Howard
Submitted July 11, 2007

Crawford Howard Bill Starr
Crawford Howard             Bill Starr       

Growing up, I lived on Beirne Avenue (inside the city limits since they stopped at that time down the middle of McCullough Avenue) but still considered myself from Dallas. Having a first cousin, Bill Starr, living on Halsey, and playing baseball at Optimist Park during my growing up years, made me “almost” from Dallas. Getting my hair cut at Clarence Carroll's and eating chili dogs from Mullins also contributed.

When they would let me, I always enjoyed running around with the “older boys” (Bill, Buddy Burkett, Billy Walker, Victor Acuff, and Wayne Lee).

My grandmother, Ersula Starr, and her sister, Docie Brazelton, worked at the Dallas Mill, and I remember going with my mother, Wilbia Starr Howard, to take her to work early mornings and me sleeping in the car.

I remember playing baseball for some great guys and people who cared for you - people like Coach Myhand, Ray Strickland, Bill Rice and Cuz Bill.

I remember having to cut the grass on a hot morning before going to play a baseball game, and having to put on those wool uniforms and walk to Optimist Park. ‘Seems like the temperature was 120 degrees, but we didn’t care because we were going to have fun. It’s a shame kids don’t have those experiences now.

I remember practicing baseball at Optimist Park, leaving after practice with Eddie Myhand, going to their big house on the corner, getting into that blue Plymouth with Eddie driving and going joy riding for about an hour. We were about 13 or 14 I think. Coach Myhand was coaching the older boys after our practice and he would be coming home so we knew we had to get the car home before he did; we didn’t want to suffer the consequences!

Remembering is great but unless you put it on paper, you’re the only one who knows it’s great. If only I could return to those “good ole days.” Would I?