Here's a picture of my 3rd birthday party in 1931
Sara Ann Certain Birthday Party, 1931

Relatives and friends attended my party that was probably held on McKinley Avenue where my mother, Ursula Swindell Certain, and I lived with my Aunt Maude Certain Pridmore. I have forgotten some of the names but maybe you see someone that you recognize.

Front Row, left to right: Peggy Harbin, Zollie "Buddy" Curry, Sara Ann Certain, Carl Wingo, Melvin Neal
Seated, second row, left to right: J. D. Pettie, Helen Ruth Case, Marjorie Ruth Cullom, Conrad Certain
Standing, left to right: ?Owens, ??, Lucy Mae Fisher, ??, ?Owens, Pearline Thigpen, Mattie Pearl Primm, Roger Certain, ??

One of my first memories was when Mother and I lived with Aunt Maude Certain Pridmore on McKinley after my dad, Lionel Certain, died when I was 6 months old. We lived there with Aunt Maude and her children, Mattie, Thomas and Lillian until I was 3 years old and Mother remarried.

I slept with Aunt Mattie who was about my mother's age and we slept next to a window. Aunt Mattie always told me a bedtime story before we went to sleep.

The Thigpens lived next door and every morning I was awakened by Robert Thigpen running around and around the house holding a lard can lid like it was a steering wheel and going varoom, varoom, varoom like he was driving a car.

I was very lucky to have 5 grown people and I was the only child and very spoiled, I am sure, because I don't have any unpleasant memories during the three years we lived there. Aunt Maude would put the back of a straight chair against a table in the kitchen and let me stand and watch her cook. I always loved that.

Another thing I remember well is that I had some little scissors cutting paper and Aunt Maude told me to be careful and not to cut my hair. I thought "Wow" I didn't even think of that. So I immediately got behind the door and got a handful of my hair in front and cut it off to the scalp. Fortunately hair always grows back!