Cotton Fields
Lorene Bishop Rice, Guest

(Used by permission of The Lee Traveller.)

Cotton Field

My name is Lorene Bishop Rice. We moved to the subject farm area in l941. My dad farmed the acreage until the early 50's. It was later farmed by my brother, Clive Bishop. We nor my brother ever owned the property. Although, over the years, it acquired the nickname, Bishop's Hollow. We were "Sharecroppers". In fact, during WWII the Rison school children helped immensely in picking our crop one year. They would come at noon and pick, be it 5 lbs. or 50 lbs. There was no other help available.

When we moved there, the property was owned by the Rodgers (sp?) family. It was sold to Mr. Jack Chambers, (the old, old, Mr. Jack) of the Coca Cola Co. After he died, it sold to (I think) the Giles. Hence the names of the streets in the subdivision, Rodgers, Chambers, Giles.

As a bit of history, when we moved there (Jan 10, 1941) we parked the car at what is now the 4-way stop at Maysville Road. We then boarded a wagon pulled by mules to travel the rest of the way. When Mr. Chambers bought the farm, he arranged for a right of way from Maysville Road to what is now Giles (which is where his property started) and put in a graveled road up to the farm house. I think the right of way was obtained from Mr. Chapman. We did not have electricity until late 1940's (again, thanks to Mr. Chambers).

I walked from my house to and from Rison School (approx 2 miles each way) from the 4th grade thru high school. I graduated in 1949 in a class of 28. I married Bill Rice who graduated from Rison in 1943. My children, Trena Rice Powers and Kevin Lee Rice both attended Rison, then Chapman and on to Lee. Both graduated from Lee: Trena 1968, Cheerleader and Kevin 1971, athlete.

Hope you enjoy this bit of reminiscing. Lorene Rice, Rison Class of '49.

PS - At the Rison Reunion, Leo Drake stood up and said, "I live in Lorene's cotton patch." I am that Lorene. We appreciate your support of the Rison Reunion and community.