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Rison-Dallas Association 2015 Reunion


It is with sorrow to list those of our numbers, an incredible number, who died in the last year.  How sad it was to lose so many of those from Dallas village.   


Since 2014 Reunion

(August 1, 2015)

List of Deaths since the 2014 Reunion




Dorothy Cagle Barnes, sister to Bertha, Howard, Ernest, Virgil

Vera Bowling

Helen Williams Branum

James Lee “Buck” Brewer, Class of 1951

James Arlyn Brown

Wanda Barron Butler

Lee Kerry Casey

Charles Chisam, Charles’ son

Fannie Mae Johnson Falkenberry, Class of 1951, Gene’s wife

Corinne Fanning, twin to a sister

Roy Gains

Shella Diane Gates, Paul’s wife

J.W. Hampton, Betty Melton’s husband

Floyd Hardin, the barber

Edith Hillis

Bill Hymer, Arvel & Jerry’s brother

Hugh Luna, retired Huntsville Fire Chief

Charles Marshall, Elaine McGinnis’s husband

Robert Bobby Martin

Donald “Poochie” Martin, Class of 1947

Betty Delores Rice Martin

Doug Martinson, Pat’s brother, attorney

Pat Martinson, Doug’s brother

Jaden McCormick Loy

Jackie Kemuel McLemore, Dorothy Certain’s husband

Mike Michael, Gwen Thigpin’s husband

O.J. Mullins, Mullins Café family

Earskine Neal, Melvin’s brother, dad was Otto

Sara Jo Blount Satterfield, Thomas’ and Dues’ sister

Don Smith

Frank Stephens, Betty Burkett’s husband, Class of 1948

Lee Wainwright

Julia Ann Woody, 99 years old

  Once again we've had a number of us die. These were all very special people who contributed so much to others and to life. It seems that slowly but surely it comes to us all. As I look at the names on this list, I recall the times that I talked with some of them, and maybe even hugged some. I'm thankful that they came our way. May God bless each and every one.


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