40th Annual Reunion

August 4, 2012


Hosted by the Class of 1957 in celebration of their 55th anniversary


A message from the President:

To all Rison-Dallas supporters regardless of how short or tall you might be:

Thank you for four decades - forty wonderful years of “pot lucks” made by your hands - the same hands that greeted and waved bye and all the smiles and laughter in between.

When I attended the first reunion in 72 and saw the grey heads enjoying fellowship and each other, I thought, “Good for them and good luck on doing this again.” Hey, I was 34 at the time and everybody (except my children) was older than me so I was not in a rush to join up and join in, so I begged off, recognizing that most folks attending that day were off to war before I got to the first grade! Now look at me...I am your president, elected fair and square, with one more year to watch you wonderful folks bring the show together again.

Over one hundred people attended the reunion this year, we put a few more dollars in the bank, the singers sang like birds greeting the morning Sun, everybody got enough to eat, just about everybody won a door prize, and the Ninth Grade class of 57 were great hosts just as they were last year. Nobody got sick, nobody got hurt, and none of the kitchen help cut or burned a finger.

Also there were ten people who attended for the first time and there were old and new photos displayed for the first time.

We'll give a formal report in next year’s message with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed but for now may I say:  Thank you all for making the 40th get together a time to remember!

Aubrey (Tode) Turner

Editors Note: Aubrey stated that additional reunion information will be provided soon.



Once again, it is with sadness that we report 31 family and friends who have died since last year’s reunion (see the list below).  Please let us know at risondallas@bellsouth.net if there are other names that should be added to this list.


Since 2011 Reunion

(August 4, 2012)


2012 (31)

Mildred Trapp Banks, Class of 1940

James Paul Phillip "Pete" Certain, Bessie’s grandson

Martha Hall Cornelison

Geneva Lee Davis, Class of 1943, Billy, Glenn & Daryl’s sister

Betty Jo Gault Downy

Roscoe Duncan, teacher

Alice Faye Stephens George

Pearl Payne Gustin, Bettye and Donald’s mother

Billy Hanvey, Faye Pitman's husband

Jewel Haney Hunt, Lowell’s wife

Lowell “Pappy” Hunt, Jewel’s husband

Ronald Kemp

Sharon Shahan Kirby, Lillian Osborn Shahan’s daughter

Norma Hutto, Edward’s wife

Eleanor McGinness

James McKenzie

Alvin Mullins

Phillip Mullins

Nancy Mitchell Nilsson, teacher

Mary Jo Gray Patterson Logan, Class of 1949, Larry’s sister

Marta Cagle Lones, Mary Lou Fitch Cagle’s daughter

Grover Ratliff, Brady’s father

William E. (Bill) Rice, Class of 1943, Lorene’s husband, Trena & Kevin’s father

Hazel Williams Roberts, Class of 1947

Geneva Fitch Robison, Class of 1941

Billy Ray Schrimsher, Class of 1949, Ann’s brother

Harvey Seymour, Jr.

Maurine Hayes Alverson Surrett, Class of 1944, Bobby and Sharon’s mother

Robert M. “Sonny” Turner, Charles and Aubrey’s brother

Geneva Cope Vassar, Class of 1942

Lynn Webster

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Our website: The website count is now at 29,144 - a really good number for this, our 9th year. It would not be possible without yours and others participation.

That's all the information available for this year.

Please plan to attend the next reunion on August 3, 2013.

May the good Lord bless you and keep you 'till we meet again!

Rison-Dallas Community