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Rison-Dallas Association 2011 Reunion, August 6

Rison-Dallas Association Inc. 39th Annual Reunion August 6, 2011 Hosted by the 9th grade class of 1957

rison-dallas 2011 reunion program

reunion song from 2011 rison-dallas reunion program

NOTE: Reunion program designed by Kelly Cochran, Office Administrator at Big Cove Presbyterian Church, USA; printing compliments of Big Cove Presbyterian Church, USA.

President's Report 2010 and 2011.
Date: 9/15/2011
President: Brenda Burkett Elders

Efforts in preparation for the August reunions of 2010 and 2011 were accomplished in very similar manners. Any distinct differences are noted in this report.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as president for a group of people that I have known, loved, and respected for my entire life. Growing up in Dallas Village was something that I wish my children could have lived and enjoyed.

My thanks go out to a wonderful board who has worked tirelessly with me over the past two years to organize and execute our reunions. Members of that board consisted of Aubrey (Tode) Turner, (the incoming association president), Hattie Marie Webb Hughes (the incoming vice president), Sue Smith Clark (our treasurer), Joann Becht, Betty Burkett Stephens, Betty Frasier, Leo Drake, Martha Luna Maddox, Gwen Thigpen Michael, Zollie (Buddy) Curry, and me.

Each year the board has met at the East Huntsville Church of Christ building during the months of May, June and July to plan the events required to execute a good reunion. Decoration and dress rehearsal were completed the night before each of the reunions.

The 2010 reunion was planned and hosted by the Rison-Dallas Association Board. The board also planned the 2011 reunion: however; the ninth grade class of 1957 hosted that reunion.

I thank all those who faithfully attend the reunions each year. It's you who really keep these reunions afloat. The fish bowl donations have covered payment for the expenses for the past two years. This past year we also owe a special thanks to Gail Dodson Birdsong and the Big Cove Presbyterian Church. For the 2011 reunion, the church designed and donated the programs used and Gail donated the invitations and labels, and printed both for the mail out.

In 2010, Veterans were our special honoree, while in 2011, veterans were honored, but the special honoree was one of our excellent school teachers at our old school, Mrs. Hazel Ward, who was both a special person and a very special and terrific school teacher.

Hazel Ward
CLICK HERE to see other photos of Mrs. Ward on the gallery of pictures of the 2011 annual reunion.

For the 2011 reunion, more than 50 door prizes were solicited and obtained by the 1957 host class (CLICK HERE to see the list of prizes and donors). Peggy Watson Sharp headed the effort and local merchants quickly responded to donate good prizes. Gail Dodson Birdsong wrote and sent "thank you" notes to each of those vendors. Special thanks are extended to my 1957 classmates who helped with the efforts to decorate and gather door prizes. Members of this group included Mary Meeler Rodgers, Donna West White, Carol Lee Tolbert Smith, Shirley Greenhaw Upton, Geraldine Bowling Stack, George Humphrey, Ronald Kemp, Earlene Walker Mills, James Cornelison, Ann Guerin Hooper, and Carolyn Green Sharp.

Entertainment for the reunions of 2010 and 2011 was provided graciously by the Fahrenheit singers of the Huntsville Fire Department. And did they ever do a terrific job both years! Compliments for those young men are still flowing in! Many, many thanks to them!

On a special note, a quilt sewn by families of "the village" during the year 1927 has been on display during both reunions. Pat Martinson has been kind to share the quilt both years. Buddy Burkett built a quilt hanger that he donated to the association to display the quilt.

The kitchen volunteers provided great support and operated a smooth flowing meal stream during the two reunions. This group consisted of Betty Franklin Frasier, Joann Becht, Paula Franklin, and Ruby Pope. Trena Rice Powers kept the drink line flowing in good order.

Sue Smith Clark and Louise Rousseau Sulcer kept the sign-in desk in a most efficient manner and we appreciate their efforts.

We certainly thank all of those that have been named as I realize that without their efforts, the reunions would not have resulted in the success that occurred. They all did a terrific job. There are others that I'm sure I have missed, but I'm thankful to all who have made the reunions go well.

A special thanks is extended to those in the past who have made this reunion what it is. Thanks to Ann Schrimsher Franklin for the door prize tickets that she donated and for her efforts with the web site. Also a special thanks to Jackson Way Baptist Church for the facility.



CLICK HERE to see who attended this year's reunion.

We are sad to say that 29 of our association relatives and friends died since last year's reunion. CLICK HERE to see their names.

Treasurer's Report by Sue Smith Clark, August 6, 2011

Balance: July 1, 2011

























Rison-Dallas Website Annual Fee:




Monthly Banking Fee:





Total July Expenses:













Balance: July 29, 2011:


























Reunion expenses:



























Jackson Way Baptist Church





Kitchen clean-up:






Total August expenses:












Total Reunion expenses:



(amount includes $50.75 deducted in July statement)








Fishbowl donations:





















Brick at Veterans Park: Virginia Goosby Franklin talked about the Veterans Park now being built in the downtown Huntsville area and suggested that association members donate $100 to purchase a brick in memory and honor of our Rison-Dallas veterans. Members fully supported the suggestion and donated more than enough money to donate a brick. Our donated brick will show: "In memory and to honor Rison-Dallas area veterans."

Our thanks : To the reunion's "unofficial photographer," Bill Starr, for once again giving us a wonderful set of photos showing a wonderful gathering of folks.

Our website: The traffic on the website continues to be steady - up to 25,572 - 'amazing! Who would have thought it - that our little website could be so popular and would go on to celebrate its 7th year? 'Wow!

To honor our webmaster Craig Clontz, two of our Rison-Dallas Association members, Glenn and Sally Hymer, asked for the privilege of making a donation to Craig's favorite charity. The Hymers said:

"We continue to be very appreciative of Craig's expertise in maintaining the Rison-Dallas website, especially since he was neither a Rison student nor a Dallas resident, and we are amazed that he continues to do that from year to year free of charge. We live in Birmingham and being able to view the website allows us to "visit" familiar people, places and things that are so dear to us."


That's all for this year.

We look forward to seeing you at our next reunion - August 4, 2012.

May the good Lord bless you and keep you 'till we meet again!

And now, for the gallery of pictures from the 2011 Rison Reunion:
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