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Rison-Dallas Association 2010 Reunion, August 7

Rison-Dallas Association, Inc.
38th Annual Reunion
August 7, 2010
Dallas Mill Water Tower
Hosted by Association Members


Well, yes, but the sixth one is Frank's son, Frankie. Gene's two daughters, Sandy and Kelly, were also there. The Falkenberry family had its own mini-reunion!
The Falkenberry Boys
Front: Raymond
Back, left to right: Frankie, Frank, Mickey, Gene, Jimmy

Once the reunion arrival time came, there was the usual swarm of sweet folks coming through the doors with big smiles on their faces, dishes of food in their hands, eager to see and talk with everyone. A part of one's frustration is that it's almost impossible to visit with each and every person - there's just never quite enough time!

We met in Jackson Way's gym this year - a huge area with lots of room to grow! The people of Jackson Way are very gracious and continue to welcome us into their facilities. And while there are still members of that church who grew up in the little Fifth Street Baptist Church the majority of its members never experienced either the old church or all things Rison-Dallas. So, our sincere thanks to you folks for appreciating the history that this group shares and for being willing to make it easy for us to gather to celebrate.

Ah the food tables - once again we outdid ourselves by bringing a huge assortment of all kinds of delicious food. I'm not sure but I may have seen a table sagging from the weight! I am sure though that there are some wonderful cooks among us.

CLICK HERE to see the names of our friends who attended this year's reunion. Did each of you register? We think not and ask that you help us be sure that we do get registered. It's fun to look at the names and remember shared experiences. With those who attended for the first time, we're starting new memories. But, did anyone tell you that once you've attended one of our reunions you forever belong to the Rison-Dallas community? 'Not really but you're always welcome.

As usual, the committee did a wonderful job putting the reunion together. Did you think that it just happens? Well, it doesn't. It takes a lot of meeting and planning by a lot of people to make it work. The planners and workers somehow always make it seem that it's effortless.

CLICK HERE to see who worked to put the reunion together this year. If you've never worked with the committee you might want to give it a try. We always need new ideas and I can guarantee you that you'll have fun. You're sure to make new friends.

CLICK HERE to view the 34 names of our friends who died since the 2009 reunion. Please let us know at risondallas@bellsouth.net if there are other names that should be added to this list. It's not easy to view the list and think that other parts of us are gone. But it does help to think that we were fortunate that these special people came our way.

Treasurer's Report - Sue Clark:

Beginning amount      $2,371.28
Reunion expenses*    $819.94
Balance                     $1,551.34

Fishbowl donations     $328.05

Current balance         $1,879.39

*Expenses included:
Donation to church        $300.00
Honorarium C. Clontz   $200.00
Supplies                         $219.94
Reunion clean-up          $100.00
Total expenses           $819.94

Because I had to leave before the reunion was over, I am not able to provide a complete report. Our president, Brenda Burkett Elders, said that she would write a report and that will contain the missing information.


And now, for the gallery of pictures from the 2010 Rison Reunion:
Please click here.

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